Black salt is an important element in Ayurveda

How black salt is beneficial for weight loss

You may have used black salt to add some flavor to your delicious pasta or as an addition to your common cold medicines, but this natural black salt comes with many other lesser its known benefits. If you wish to look good and fit into that perfect dress, you should add black salt to your weight loss regime.Black Salt is really low on Sodium as compared to regular salt, and so it doesn’t cause bloating and water retention. In other words, it helps you in many stomach ailments and also keeps you on a low sodium diet.
Other than that, it is really good at dissolving enzymes and lipids, therefore it helps in stopping the accumulation of fat.

Black salt helps in Digestion & Cures Heartburn

The alkaline property of black salt helps to neutralize the acid found in stomach, thereby helping out in cure from heartburn’s. Due to excess and higher heat exposure it undergone during formation process, it has huge minerals because of it. This important use of black salt comes with its ability to ward off constipation, stomach irritation, and many more stomach ailments. Make it a point to include black salt in your meals to improve digestion. This will be the ideal food to stop acidity immediately. You can prepare food with this salt or prepare salads and add black salt to it and have. The other way to have black salt is, just add pinch of this salt along with one glass of water. You can have this drink and get rid of heartburn.

It treats Gastric Troubles Effectively

The simple way to cure intestinal gas issues is by taking Kala Namak in your diet.
Black salt can ward off gastric troubles. It improves digestion and reduces acid reflux
Take a copper vessel, to it add this salt and dry roast it well,
then you can switch off flame and take one glass of warm water, to it add roasted black
salt and mix well and have it immediately. It is really an effective cure in treating gastric issues effectively.

What You Need?

A copper vessel
1 teaspoon black salt
1 glass warm water

What You Need To Do?

Put black salt in the copper vessel on a low flame. Roast it till you witness a change in the color. Put out the flame and mix a small portion of this salt
in warm water and drink it to get rid of intestinal gas.

It treats respiratory problems

This salt is used widely in treating several respiratory issues like allergies, sore throat, sinus, clogged nose and asthma. Inhalation can be done with black salt. It is best way to cure these respiratory issues. Take your inhalers in that add black salt, now you can inhale. This must be done at least twice a day to get good results.

Black salt is best laxative agent

If you suffer from constipation, then you can have black salt in your diet, this has excellent remedy in treating constipation. The best way to take this salt in your diet is, you can cut the ginger in to julienne, now to it add black salt and lemon juice mix well. Now you can have this mixture along with your main menu, it provides good digestion and also helps to treat constipation effectively. The easiest way is to one glass of water added little black salt and have it immediately, this is also a best cure for constipation.

It controls diabetes

Black salt has been found to be effective in controlling blood sugar levels in the body. The easy way is instead of using white salt, use this salt in your diet. By doing so, diabetes can be well managed and can be kept under control effectively.

It prevents depression

Black salt can be helpful in treating several types of depression. It helps to preserve two hormones, melatonin and serotonin, Both these hormones help to provide good peaceful sleep. Undisturbed sleep will naturally help to prevent the occurrence of depression. Thus this salt does the real magic in healing depression.

Black salt is natural skin cleanser

This salt is a natural skin cleanser, the pores get opened and the dead skin cells are removed from skin, along with excess oil. Thereby giving a natural glow to the skin and making it acne free skin naturally, you can take few black salt and mix with your regular cleanser and do cleansing, it has good effect on skin, so just try it out and see it.

It gives relief for babies from several disorders

This salt can be an effective cure in treating several disorders like gastric issues, indigestion, phlegm coagulation and cough. In regular food of babies you can add a pinch of black salt and give to babies; it is good in treating gastric issues and indigestion on babies. For cough problems in babies, you can take little black salt to it add honey and mix well, now you can give it to babies for easy cure from cough issues on babies.

Black salt is best alternative to sea salt

In our day-to-day life, salt is often used in various snacks and dishes. But, we all are aware of the risks associated with the consumption of sea salt, particularly paralysis, thyroid problems, impotency issues, and high blood pressure. Luckily, there’s an excellent alternative to this iodized salt – black salt.Black salt imparts a similar flavor to food as that of table salt, but with fewer side effects. In addition, it also fights against a number of diseases like arthritis, high cholesterol levels, and impotency issues.

It stops hair fall and cures dandruff

If you are suffering from a receding hairline and are frustrated with using medical supplements and hair tonics, try something natural this time. Since black salt contains a lot of essential minerals, it helps boost your hair’s natural growth. What’s more, it strengthens your hair and treats split end issues as well. It not only improves your hair growth and thickness but also enhances its sheen and luster.In case you are suffering from dandruff or acute hair fall, consider taking black salt with tomato juice at least once a day. This alkaline-acidic mix will eliminate dandruff and prevent its further growth.

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